Women, Anxiety & PTSD

Targeted therapies can help women
recover and heal from high anxiety and PTSD

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Counseling for Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD | Columbia, Missouri | Jennie Lannette Bedsworth, LCSW

Unfortunately, women are twice as likely to develop PTSD as men. This may be because they more often experience some of the most difficult traumas like rape, sexual abuse, and other types of assault. These traumas are most likely to develop into PTSD. The good news is that women can heal, feel better, and live a happy life even after high anxiety, trauma, or PTSD. 

Women Twice as Likely to get PTSD

According to our best statistics, around 5% of men get PTSD, while among women it's closer to 12%. As mentioned, women are more likely to experience rape and other sexual trauma, and extremely high numbers of women experience some type of sexual harassment. For women who do develop PTSD, the good news is that it can get better. There are excellent therapies that can help heal the s symptoms of PTSD, and begin to heal from the effects of sexual trauma as well as other types of traumatic experiences.   

Anxiety disorders are also twice as common in women

We're not entirely sure why, but women are also much more likely to deal with anxiety disorders than men. It may be due to the increased stress women experience, cultural and social factors, and even biological factors like brain chemistry and hormones. The good news is that there are effective therapies that use mindfulness, acceptance of feelings, and healing of thoughts that can heal anxiety problems. 

Anxiety treatment can help

The most common therapy I use for both PTSD and related anxiety issues is called cognitive processing therapy, or CPT. This process allows us to understand the thoughts we have now as well as those that relate to childhood issues, and heal both. Often we have patterns of thinking that may relate to negative core beliefs about ourselves. Healing these core beliefs can make a significant difference in everyday symptoms. I've also found gradual exposure to be helpful for many anxiety disorders -- gently and safely facing fears in a mindful way can lead to healing of specific phobias and fears relatively quickly. 

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