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Therapy Downloads to
Help You and Your Clients Thrive

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This therapy activity bundle includes dozens of mental health games, worksheets, and activities, all designed by a licensed therapist. 

You work hard, and so do your clients. It can be difficult to find the right tools to support goals like improving coping skills, managing emotions, and changing negative thought patterns.


Our games and activities (created for all ages) make that process more fun and interesting, which in turn makes skills easier to learn and remember.

Plus, it makes your prep a little easier, so you don't have to scour the internet every week to find the resources you need. Download this giant bundle and you'll have an abundance of activities to choose from each session. 

Download the Bundle Here - Use Coupon Code Bundle4 for 20% Off

This bundle includes all of the elements of recovering from PTSD. These steps are commonly used in multiple types of PTSD therapies. They cover how to deal with anxiety, relieve flashbacks and bad memories, and heal your feelings of guilt and shame. Many people think they have to live with this forever. 

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Your kit includes the Peace from PTSD ebook, written by Jennie Lannette, MSW, LCSW. She's a licensed therapist who specializes in anxiety, trauma, and PTSD. This book outlines all of the steps she uses with her clients to cope and overcome symptoms.
Get the kit here! 

Are you a mental health professional? Check out the therapist bundle here! Use code: EarlyBird for 10% off. 

The Peace from PTSD kit also includes worksheets and guides on each step of recovery. You'll start with understanding symptoms, managing anxiety, and then get into the steps of actually healing your symptoms. This kit is a great place to start on your own, and you can work with a therapist through the more challenging parts. It includes 8 worksheet sets along with the ebook! Download your kit today. Use promo code: EarlyBird for 10% off!

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