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Counseling for Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD | Columbia, Missouri | Jennie Lannette Bedsworth, LCSW
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Do you feel like things will never get better?


Are you struggling with anxiety?

Do you have past trauma that feels unresolved?


Would you like to live a happier, more joyful life?

Do you need more support and a focus on self care?

Everyone (even therapists!) goes through difficult times in life. In the Columbia, Mo. area alone, thousands of people are dealing with issues like high anxiety, depression, burnout, or PTSD. Sometimes these things get better on their own, and sometimes counseling can be helpful.


I (Jennie), mainly help with issues of high anxiety, stress, PTSD (which can occur after a trauma). I also provide education to other therapists on these topics, and offer resources and support on self-care and wellness for helping professionals and others. Sometimes those with the most high-stress jobs (nurses, doctors, lawyers, mental health workers, and support roles) are secretly struggling the most.

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Genetics, Thoughts and Environment Affect Mental Wellness

Sometimes we can be really hard on ourselves. You may have heard that we are all our own worst critic! That’s very true. The critic in our head is part of our biology — it is trying to protect us and help us survive. However, when this critic goes overboard, which we can all experience, this can lead to depression, anxiety, and make us prone to get complications like anxiety disorders or depression. Underlying factors like our genetics and work, family, or relationship stresses can also impact our wellbeing. 

Most Common Columbia Area Issues

The most common issues I’ve seen in providing counseling in and near Columbia include:

These seem to be fairly common issues that many people go through, just in and around the Columbia area. Throughout Missouri, the United States and the world, these numbers would be in the millions.

Some issues are more environmental, like PTSD and panic. I think of these as more like an acute disorder like a broken arm. (Although sometimes that “arm” can go untreated for years.) Other issues can be due to a family history and genetics (for instance, depression alone and schizophrenia can be more likely to run in families). I take a compassionate and targeted approach - I want you to have the treatment or other support that will work the best and most efficiently for whatever you’re struggling with.

What Should I Do?  

Know that you’re not alone. Everyone experiences stress or mental health challenges from time to time. The treatment for each condition or struggle can be a little different. First, you can practice general mental self care strategies, such as:


  • Mindfulness (a type of relaxation)

  • Self-care (like setting limits on work and making time for hobbies you enjoy)

  • Exercise and healthy eating

  • Finding help if you need it, from someone qualified in what you’re struggling with. For example, here at The Counseling Palette, I am specialized in anxiety counseling, PTSD treatment, and wellness for high-stress work.


Can I Get The Best Treatment in Columbia, Mo?

Quite possibly! Just like a mainly physical issue, it’s good to look for a specialized counselor who mainly treats your particular challenge. Treating a short depressive episode is quite different than treating post-traumatic stress. Here are some questions to consider: 

What is my counselor’s training beyond school?

In college therapists most often get a very general background in mental health and they learn things like risk assessment, diagnosing disorders, and basic interviewing skills. Sometimes (often in my day and before), we didn’t get specialized training in specific issues and conditions like anxiety and trauma. This training comes later, when we learn specific therapies and keep updated on the most current, effective treatments. So you may want to know what specific training and supervision your therapist has had relating to your needs. Ask questions!


What are the best treatments for my needs?

Your counselor should be able to easily answer this question in the field he or she is treating. We tend to call this “evidence based” practice, and although sometimes we can vary from this for special circumstances or your own needs, it should be done intentionally with lots of discussion and education for you as the client. I always decide as a team with my client on what’s best.


What do you specialize in?

I (Jennie) mainly work with high anxiety, anxiety disorders, past trauma (and PTSD), and wellness (self-care). I am highly specialized in these areas, so am able to help people get better in a shorter amount of time. I suggest you look at other areas of my site like the anxiety or PTSD counseling page for more information.

What does your therapy cost?

I offer a free 30 minute phone or in-person consultation. I answer questions for free via e-mail and text. I also discuss fees and payment fully over on the cost and payment page. You might check that out and let me know if you have questions.

Where are you located in Columbia, Mo.?

My office is in downtown Columbia, just across from Ragtag in the Stephens Building. It’s a private and discreet, surrounded by lots of other types of businesses, so it’s unlikely anyone would know what you’re here for. I also offer live video (telehealth) Counseling as needed for those throughout Missouri.

What If I'm Not Sure?

I totally get that! Choosing to try therapy or other services for your own wellness is a big step. Some of my clients have had difficult experiences in counseling or treatment before, and didn't feel it helped. Sometimes that's because they weren't getting the type of treatment best for their specific struggles. I'm happy to take things slowly and answer any questions you have for free while you're making this decision. Just reach out to me however is most comfortable for you! I want to help you feel like yourself again, with confidence and a joyful life. We'll figure out what you need to get there! 

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Mental Health Counseling in Columbia, Mo. or Via Video

If you’d like to learn more about counseling options, consultation about wellness, or therapy techniques that can help with what you’re dealing with, you may choose to contact me. We typically start with the free consultation and go from there. You can e-mail me, use the form found throughout my website (including the front page and below), call me, message, or text. I’m always happy to hear from you! I’m happy to answer any question you have about counseling, anxiety, mental health, and wellness.

I have a very private, discreet corner office downtown, near the Uprise Bakery/Ragtag area (in fact, across the street in downtown Columbia, Mo.). I am careful and respectful of your privacy and boundaries when it comes to therapy for PTSD and related issues. I also offer video counseling for those in other parts of Missouri, or for in-person clients when you're unable to make it to the office. 

If you're still not sure, you can also check out specialty services I offer such as anxiety counseling and PTSD counseling. Let me know if you have questions or needs not addressed there! 

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