How to be happier

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Some people are more naturally happy than others. Some are more prone to depression. Some go through difficult traumas and come out in the other side more thankful and appreciative of life and meaningful moments. (That's called post-traumatic growth.)


But all of us can choose to be happier. There's a specific field in mental health called “Positive Psychology” that studies how we can be happier, more joyful and contented people. In an interview below with Oprah, one of these specialists, Shawn Achor, describes five specific things we can do to be measurably happier.


These include:

  1. Keep a gratitude list - once daily list three things you're grateful for. Each day must include new/different things.

  2. Once a day, journal about a positive meaningful moment during the past 24 hours.

  3. Each day practice a random act of kindness - Achor instructs people to each day for a month, write a letter, email or other message thanking someone for a meaningful role they've

  4. Get 15 minutes a day of fun, physical activity.

  5. Practice meditation for two minutes or more each day by observing your breath.


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Here are some other favorite resources relating to happiness, contentment and positive growth.


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