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11 Life-Changing Anxiety Worksheets for You and Your Clients

Updated: Jul 4

Anxiety worksheets can help with learning, reviewing, and using coping skills to deal with short-term or long-term triggers. .

Try these anxiety worksheets in PDF, great for CBT, DBT, trauma therapy, and more.

Have you ever had trouble concentrating when you were anxious? Many people find it easy to get confused or forget concepts when they feel nervous or distracted. That’s where activity sheets can be very helpful. 

Anxiety worksheets provide an organized framework for therapy clients to learn and remember helpful skills. Worksheets for anxiety can be used as a session activity, homework assignment, or tools themselves–such as creating an anxiety management plan

The PDFs below can support therapies such as CBT, ACT, or DBT. They can also be used as standalone resources. Here are 11 potentially life changing anxiety worksheets

1. Anxiety Coping Worksheet

The Anxiety Coping Worksheet PDF is tailored for new clients, offering an introductory tool for managing daily anxiety. This worksheet features:

  • A clear and simple definition of anxiety

  • Ten practical anxiety management tips

  • An interactive coping guide

  • Blank spaces for clients to create a customized coping plan

  • Reflection and review questions 

It is easy to read, visually appealing, and backed by evidence. It works well with CBT, CPT, TF-CBT, and prolonged exposure therapies. While not a replacement for therapy, worksheets can be fantastic tools for you or your clients.

2. CBT Triangle Worksheet

The CBT Triangle Worksheet shows how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected. It's split into three parts, each a key part of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) triangle. 

This worksheet helps people to better understand their thoughts, see how those thoughts affect their feelings, and notice what actions result. It can be a helpful tool for anxiety provoking thoughts and emotions in particular. 

By using the CBT Triangle, clients can visualize their thinking patterns and learn how these patterns affect the way they feel and what they do.

The CBT Triangle Worksheet is a useful tool for guiding clients as they think about how their thoughts, feelings, and actions are linked. It fosters self-awareness and gives you easy-to-follow instructions for challenging the negative thoughts.

The goal of this worksheet is to help clients have healthier thoughts and make positive changes in their behavior. Download the CBT Triangle Worksheet.

3. Anxiety Hierarchy Worksheet

Anxiety hierarchies, sometimes called exposure hierarchies, help therapy clients begin to face debilitating fears. The Anxiety Hierarchy Worksheet in PDF format is a tool created to identify and rank anxiety-provoking situations and fears.

This worksheet helps clients not just create a hierarchy but track exposure homework if they chose to do so. This works well with therapy modes that use exposure techniques. 

4. Emotions Wheel Worksheet Kit

This emotions wheel PDF can help you identify emotions and related coping skills.

The Emotions Wheel Worksheet is a colorful visual aid and set of worksheets to help clients identify and cope with feelings. Like most feelings wheels, it’s divided into sections, each representing different categories of emotions such as happiness, sadness, fear, and anger.

However, this particular emotion wheel also includes physical sensations (such as your tummy flip-flopping when you’re nervous) to help people narrow down emotions. A section for recommended coping skills is also included. 

Within this set there are also partially blank versions of the worksheet where you can enter your own feelings or skills. Download the Emotions Wheel Worksheet and start using it today

5. Challenging Negative Thoughts Worksheet 

The Challenging Negative Thoughts Worksheet is a primer for teaching clients to reframe their thoughts. It shows the difference between helpful and non-helpful thoughts and features an easy-to-follow example of how reframing works. 

This worksheet addresses: 

  • Defining helpful and unhelpful thoughts

  • Fillable questions that walk clients through the reframing process

  • How to identify and challenge distorted beliefs

This tool provides a purposeful approach to laying the foundation for treating clients who suffer from anxiety, trauma, and PTSD. The interactive portions of the worksheet also create a model for clients to follow as they begin the healing process.

6. Strong Emotions Worksheet

The Strong Emotions Worksheet is created to help clients reframe the way they deal with difficult feelings. When feelings are constantly pushed away they tend to come back even stronger and a negative cycle can develop. 

Instead of supporting that cycle by always going immediately to distracting skills, this worksheet guides clients into light exposure to the feelings itself. Individuals can learn to “lean in” to the feeling in homes of resolving it. But if it becomes too much they can also back up into management skills. 

A guide on how to do this in the moment is part of the worksheet. 

7. Grounding Stone Worksheet and Activity

Looking for a mindfulness activity? The grounding stones mindfulness set helps teach staying in the moment.

The Grounding Stone Worksheet helps clients learn grounding techniques for anxiety and other stressful emotions. It is created to be used individually or as part of a group. It would make a great community activity as part of a presentation or help-yourself-booth at a conference. 

This PDF set also includes a poster that can be used for an event or at home. 

The activity provides suggestions for grounding items such as stones and a series of questions that aim to guide the client toward mindfulness. It also includes information about self-soothing and breathing techniques to help clients manage their stress and stay mindful through challenging situations and tough emotions.

In addition to the worksheet, this packet features a 5-minute audio mindfulness meditation exercise that clients can use along with their grounding stone worksheet. 

8. Change Your Tune Self-Esteem Worksheet

Building self esteem is one way to decrease anxiety so that you can feel more confident and ready to take on challenges.

The Change Your Tune Self-Esteem Worksheet helps clients restructure their thoughts, and even better, create an actual playlist. With this worksheet, clients are encouraged to harness music in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. 

Additional segments of the worksheet address:

  • Cognitive restructuring to help clients identify and challenge distorted beliefs

  • Cognitive restructuring practice questions to help clients develop their cognitive restructuring skills

  • A list of suggested songs in various genres to get clients started in making their self-esteem soundtrack

This tool also touches on teaching clients how to challenge what they think about themselves, guide them toward changing how they see themselves, and develop a stronger, more confident sense of self-worth. Download the Self Esteem worksheet set today.

9. Radical Acceptance Worksheet and Set

DBT activities such as radical acceptance can help you cope with anxiety. This set includes several DBT PDF worksheets.

The Radical Acceptance Worksheet introduces clients to the popular and powerful DBT technique.

Radical acceptance can be difficult but life-changing, helping people let go of worries and anxieties that are holding them back. This worksheet helps break down this often abstract concept into more actionable steps.


This worksheet includes:

  • Example affirmations for clients to use as they work to master the skill

  • Guidance for clients to develop their own scenarios for practicing radical acceptance

  • Example situations where radical acceptance can be used

  • Example thoughts that demonstrate the connection between thoughts and feelings

It comes as part of a DBT set which also includes worksheets for popular skills Wise Mind and DEARMAN. The bundle includes stickers for Jenga-style blocks and even a printable DBT game.

Developing DBT skills and techniques is an ongoing process and printable worksheets such as the Radical Acceptance worksheet are a perfect tool to send home with clients so they can practice between sessions. Get the Radical Acceptance Worksheet and other tools included with the DBT Worksheet set.

10. Reframing PTSD Thoughts 

Anxiety is a major symptom of post-traumatic stress (PTSD). The Reframing PTSD Thoughts worksheet helps to guide clients in learning to reframe trauma-related thoughts, beliefs, and anxiety. It encourages them to view these thoughts in a balanced and realistic way.

This worksheet features:

  • Step-by-step guidance for challenging specific thoughts and beliefs

  • A list of common negative beliefs 

  • A guide on choosing beliefs to challenge

When used as part of PTSD therapy, this worksheet is a useful tool in helping clients learn and develop strategies that change how they think, and question the negative beliefs they have about themselves and the world. 

11. Trauma Narrative

A trauma narrative is often used as part of PTSD therapy. Similar narratives are also sometimes used with general anxiety. Sometimes going deeper into feelings and memories can help people overcome fears and anxieties and uncover areas where they may feel stuck. 

The Trauma Narrative Worksheet is a structured worksheet with guidance on how to write a trauma narrative, and blank spaces for clients to write their narrative. 

It encourages clients to explore how the trauma has affected their lives and emotions, in a reflective way, which helps them to incorporate their traumatic experience into their personal story. 

The Trauma Narrative Worksheet is consistent with treatments like Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy, and Prolonged Exposure. The therapist is there to guide a client through the trauma narrative process, while this worksheet can be printed and or shared as a PDF. 

Bundle and Save

If you’re a mental health professional, 11 worksheets will only take you and your clients so far! Our Giant Store Bundle download includes dozens of activities including handouts, games, PowerPoint activities, guided meditation, and more. Get the bundle here or visit to learn more. 


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