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Teenage Anxiety Treatment
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Counseling for Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD | Columbia, Missouri | Jennie Lannette Bedsworth, LCSW

Teens and pre-teens can struggle with some unique emotional issues. Many people look back on middle school and high school as the most difficult years in their lives. I’ve found teens may be dealing with issues such as:


*High anxiety

*Conflict in friend groups

*Feeling isolated or actually being isolated by peers

*Traumas like bullying or assault

*Body image issues
*Self esteem relating to a variety of issues

*Family struggles

*Feeling like they don’t live up to their parents’ expectations

*LGBTQ+ identity issues


I (Jennie) most often work with adolescent young women who are struggling with anxiety and self-esteem issues.
I exclusively see adults and teens (or pre-teens) who are wanting counseling and hoping it will help.


I also specialize in high anxiety and trauma, and am extensively trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), the most commonly recommended treatment for youth who’ve been through a difficult traumatic event, traumatic death of a loved one, or other extreme stressors.


Here’s more specific information about anxiety counseling and trauma/PTSD counseling.


If you are looking for help for yourself or a family member, you can contact me below, call or e-mail: 573/291-7315, jennie@thecounselingpalette.com

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