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Can ADHD Coaching Finally Make the Difference? 

Does your brain go on overload from so many ideas? Do you feel you have a lot of potential and talent but struggle to stay focused or motivated? I experienced this for years until I found the right mindset, which makes all the difference.


In addition to being a licensed therapist, I now run a successful passive business that brings in a full-time income so I can work as little or much as I want! I'm eager to share my knowledge and support with other women with ADHD so they can experience the same benefits. I help with areas such as: 


  • Narrowing your passions and goals

  • Staying focused on tasks and projects

  • Challenging beliefs that are holding you back

  • Creating a structure and accountability around your goals

  • Communicating more clearly

  • Starting your own business, side hustle, or taking the next step in your professional career

  • Making your ADHD traits work for you rather than against

  • And more 


In case you're wondering, there's no need to be formally diagnosed with ADHD to benefit from coaching. If you're here we're probably kindred spirits, and together we can make some magic! Email me to learn more at 

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About Me

I'm Jennie, a therapist, coach, writer, small business owner, and creative. You might have guessed I'm an ADHDer myself. After years of my "weaknesses" holding me back I've come to embrace and channel them into success. Now my goal is to help you do the same!

How it Works

  1. Email me to learn more at

  2. Schedule a first coaching appointment (phone call or Zoom)

  3. Decide if you'd like to commit to more coaching to meet your goals!

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What does it cost?

When I was looking for coaching for myself in the past I was surprised at the cost and commitment required. I don't think women should have to pay thousands of dollars a month and be stuck in months-long contracts, often for brief and ineffective appointments. 

Instead, I offer a model that helps you ease into the process and decide if it will benefit you. You can commit as little or much as you want. Here are the options. 

Initial or One-Time Appointment: $150
During a first appointment we can discuss your goals and go ahead and brainstorm ideas if you like! You can pick my brain and ask me anything you want. I'm an open book. You can also schedule later individual appointments anytime if you just want to run something by me or ask for help with a specific issue. 

Coaching Package: $500/month

If you're ready to get down to business, take advantage of this deal which includes four sessions per month as well as access to all of my wellness resources. I will also reserve a guaranteed time for you so you know I'm available. This will allow us to follow up on goals, tasks, and build on your ideas over time. For this package you would pay upfront and commit one month ahead, but that's it. You're in control!

Get Started

Women with ADHD are some of the most gifted people in the world, but sometimes we get in our own way. Through changing your mindset, learning new ways to focus, and finding the right inspiration, you can fulfill your amazing potential! I'm so excited to hear from you and help you finally focus and experiences the success you deserve. Just email me to get started at 

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