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Are you struggling to deal with problems like anxiety, PTSD, or mental health in general? Or is it your job to help others who do?

Many people struggle to overcome these obstacles. They're not sure how to cope with symptoms, or how to take care of their overall wellness. 

Our tools and resources can help you or your clients learn new, effective skills, and put them into practice. 

One of the most difficult parts of therapy or personal growth is putting the changes you want into action. If you’re like most people, it feels safer to stay with the familiar. Changing habits is hard. But with the right tools, you can feel empowered and ready to pursue your life’s purpose, no matter what gets in your way. 


Do any of these describe you? 


  • I’m overcome with anxiety that holds me back

  • I work with clients, students, or patients who need support with mental wellness

  • I have dreams, but I don’t think I could ever achieve them

  • I work with clients on change, but they struggle to implement new skills


If any of these sound like you, you’re in the right place! Sometimes all we need are the right tools to remove the blocks in our way. Strategies to help with anxiety, self-actualization, and professional development shouldn’t be kept secret. You can learn to use these skills effectively, and take them into the real world, while helping others do the same. You can start by reading our free articles on mental health, or check out our worksheets for therapy and self-development

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Jennie Lannette, MSW, LCSW

I'm Jennie (she/her). Thanks for finding me! I'm a licensed therapist specializing in anxiety, PTSD, CBT, and other areas of mental health and wellness. Along with 15 + years of social service and therapy experience, I'm an expert mental health writer, and I've been quoted and published by multiple national wellness organizations. My goal is to make mental health information more accessible, and to help make sure you have the right support to put your new skills into practice. As a therapist I can help a handful of people at a time. Through the resources I provide here, I can reach more people like you each day! 

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Customer Reviews

"I've been going to therapy for years. I've learned a lot of these skills but I often forget them and have trouble remembering to use them when I need them. I love these tools because they help me remember to be mindful, reframe, and feel more confident." 

"I use these worksheets with my college students. I like them because they're accessible but also teach specific strategies. It makes my job easier. I highly recommend!!" 

"I always struggle with actually helping my clients take action. They seem to make progress in session but then things don't change for them. These tools have been helpful, to walk through issues and skills step by step. It's a tangible tool my clients can take with them. They also help me add value to my services."

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