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Let's Play CBT Lingo!

This Bingo-inspired CBT game will help you teach and review cognitive behavioral therapy skills with your students, groups, and clients. 
A product image for a CBT Bingo like therapy game.

Do you run out of materials for your students, groups, or clients? Save yourself valuable time, while also providing a meaningful, educational, and memorable game for your client(s). There are so many prompts included in this fun tool that you could easily continue it throughout multiple sessions. 

I created this Bingo-Inspired CBT game (called “CBT Lingo”) to be interactive, fun, and educational. It’s not just one novelty Bingo card, but a full, playable game with 10 unique playing cards and 75 CBT prompts. 

You can use it in person, with groups, or via Zoom, phone or telehealth platforms

The digital PDF files include all pieces necessary to play, or you can combine the CBT playing cards with a traditional Bingo set! 


For Adults, Teens & Pre-Teens

The game is created to help you teach and reinforce CBT theory and skills (or to use for yourself). It can be used with a with a variety of clients, groups, and activities, including: 


  • Clients learning CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) 

  • Anger management groups

  • Peer and recovery groups

  • TF-CBT clients (trauma-focused CBT)

  • CPT clients (cognitive processing therapy) 

  • PTSD groups and clients

  • Prolonged exposure (PE) clients

  • School groups and events

  • Family therapy sessions

  • Anxiety groups

  • Clinical mental health classes

  • Personal coping skills development


What's Covered? 

The 75 CBT prompts cover areas like: 

  • The CBT triangle

  • Cognitive distortions

  • Identifying thoughts, feelings and behaviors

  • Coping skills

  • CBT terms

  • Supplemental skills


See all of the prompts by purchasing the game here. 

What's the Goal? 

 The goal of the players is to learn, have fun, and win, of course! But you can use it to: 


  • Teach CBT

  • Review CBT skills

  • Reinforce everyday coping skills

  • Review clinical CBT concepts

  • Keep your group or classroom engaged


Need to get ready for your next group? It’s one click away! 


How Does it Work? 

How Does it Work? 

The game can be played simply as is, or modified to be easier or hardier, depending on your audience and goals. Some options to play include: 

  • Print out the game, cards, and all pieces needed to play in person

  • Combine the game with a traditional Bingo set, and use Bingo balls and tokens (entirely compatible with this set!) 

  • Play the game via telehealth, by Zoom, phone, or another platform (just e-mail the playing cards to your clients ahead of time, or pull a card up on screen)

  • Use only the prompts you find most relevant, or add your own bonus questions to the game


I used to run frequent groups in a hospital setting, and I know the amount of content and activities needed never ends. That’s why I created CBT Lingo, so you can teach CBT concepts in an easy, fun, and meaningful way.


Download it here.


Ready to Play? 

Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Purchase the digital files here

  2. Print it, or view the game on screen

  3. Start teaching or reviewing CBT theory and skills!


I envision your clients engaged, laughing, and having so much fun they forget they’re learning CBT! I’d love to hear how it goes, and how you add your own ideas to the game. Get started by downloading the game here

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