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Grounding Stone Activity Kit

Are you looking for a meaningful, ready-made activity for your clients, students, or event?

The grounding stone activity (a mindfulness exercise) will teach your group a valuable skill. The worksheet, poster, and audio meditation do much of the work for you, so you can focus on your clients.

What's Included?

This grounding stone digital kit includes a PDF worksheet, PDF poster, and access to the audio of the 5-minute guided meditation (which you can play on YouTube). You can print the worksheets or poster (available in 3 sizes), or send the PDFs to your clients. And, you can update or change the files if you like, using Canva. You'll have access to all of this in the digital download, which will arrive as a zipped file with PDFs and links. 


1. Download the PDF files to  access the documents and links


2. Update and add your own logos before sharing or printing


3. Print, view, or share the worksheet, poster, and meditation

What's Covered?

When we're anxious or stressed, we're focused on the past or the future. Mindfulness, such as grounding, helps you focus on the now. This activity teaches: 
  • ​How to use an object - such as a grounding stone - to help you stay in the moment

  • ​How to use your senses to stay mindful of your experience

  • How to use grounding to help with symptoms of anxiety, stress, or PTSD

Your students will leave with a tangible skill they can use forever. This event works for in-person or online groups! 

Add Some Creativity

If you'd like to add some creativity to your event, you can also include a decorating option. If you are presenting in person at an event or booth, provide rocks and decorating supplies. If you're presenting on Zoom, give your group a heads up and ask them to bring a stone and a few supplies. This makes the activity fun and memorable! 


Worksheet Details


The worksheet reviews the importance of mindfulness, and how it works. It also includes a handy take-home of the grounding stone instructions, along with a page on creating your own grounding activities.

The worksheet covers: 

  • How to use a grounding stone as a mindfulness tool

  • Ideas for decorating your stone

  • How mindfulness and grounding work

  • How to create your own grounding exercise

The worksheet can be used as it is, or updated in Canva. 

The Audio Meditation


The audio meditation walks your group through using a grounding stone. It includes breathing and mindfulness techniques. You will receive a link to play the audio on YouTube. You may also share this link with your clients if you like. 

The guided meditation lasts around 5 minutes. Get the link here. 

The Poster

The poster walks through the steps of using a grounding stone. Print it as a flyer, send the PDF, or display it at your event. 


Reviews of the Grounding Stone Kit

"This was perfect. I needed a mindfulness activity for my students. I downloaded the worksheet and we listened to the audio together. We all felt more relaxed afterwards! It was so fast and affordable. Thank you!!"

- Stacey, School Counselor

"We had heard about grounding stones and wanted to use them for a wellness event. This poster worked great. We set up a table and had rocks and decorating supplies out. People were able to follow the instructions on the poster and take the handouts with them. They loved it."

- Jan, Human Services Consultant

"I run a lot of groups and this was a good fit for anger management and DBT. Between the worksheet, the audio, and decorating the rocks, we had a fun day in all of the groups. Plus it covered specific goals like understanding and using mindfulness. It's a tool they literally took with them." 

-Timothy, Community Social Worker

Who Are We

Get Started Now

This kit works for a quick class prep, group therapy, or a major event (or all three)! Your kit will include: 

  • The worksheet as a PDF

  • The poster as a PDF (in 3 sizes, ready to send or print)

  • The 5-minute audio meditation

  • Canva versions of the files you can edit and resave as PDFs

  • Tips and instructions on hosting this as an activity

Make your job a little easier, while providing a meaningful experience for those you take care of.  The kit is ready to go. Download it now! 

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