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This book cover is for Finding Peace from PTSD, the New Science of Healing Trauma Symptoms.

"The exercises in this book will help you change your thinking about your traumatic experience from ways that cause stress to how to deal with that stress to help bring you back to calm." -Jason S.

"Jennie is an experienced therapist known for specializing in trauma and PTSD. When other therapists can't help someone, they send them to Jennie. This book describes the process she uses, how it's backed in science, and why it's different than everyday therapy." -Janet B.

Book Excerpt:

“I know the medicine of PTSD recovery isn’t always fun to swallow. Most of my clients will say it’s a hard thing to go through, and the best thing they’ve ever done.” - Jennie Lannette, MSW, LCSW

Finding Peace from PTSD
Do you want to learn more about PTSD and recovery techniques that actual work? This book includes the entire process, based on the newest brain science and a CBT therapist's extensive training and experience helping real clients. 

Do you find that popular coping skills for PTSD only get you so far? Do you want to learn techniques to actually feel better, or help your clients heal for good?

This practical book includes: 

  • Case studies of those who've overcome PTSD

  • Mindfulness practices to deal with the moment and retrain the brain's response to triggers

  • Prompts at the end of each chapter to guide the reader in the healing process

  • CBT strategies that specifically challenge and heal shame, self-blame, and regret

  • Actual steps in PTSD therapy, shown to work for thousands of people

  • Coping skills for the moment, combined with ongoing strategies to heal PTSD

  • Bonus tips on dealing with relationship struggles

  • A guide on choosing a therapist to treat this disorder and related symptoms

Finding Peace from PTSD covers these areas of recovery: 

  • Basics of PTSD

  • The Science of Healing

  • Managing PTSD Anxiety

  • Dealing with Feelings

  • Healing Shame and Fears

  • Mindfulness and Healing

  • Finding Purpose After Trauma

It includes the most recent research on trauma recovery, brain science, and CBT for PTSD. It also includes the author's personal experiences, in her own life and in helping her clients heal. 

Jennie Lannette, MSW, LCSW, is a licensed and highly trained PTSD therapist who practices in Mid-Missouri. She's helped hundreds of clients work through and overcome their symptoms of PTSD. She's also a national expert in anxiety and PTSD, and is a professional mental health writer.


This book includes Jennie's experience with clients, and her work using evidence-based practices to help them heal symptoms.  


Finding Peace from PTSD is available as a Kindle ebook, a downloadable PDF, or in paperback form (coming soon). Order or download yours now to learn how PTSD recovery has worked for people all over the world. 

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