Adult ADHD Worksheets

Struggling with Adult ADHD? 

If you’ve just learned or suspect you have ADD/ADHD it might feel overwhelming. Even if you’ve known for a while, it can be difficult to understand or know what to do about it.


This download, including 7 worksheets and tip sheets, will help you or your clients identify your symptoms, jump right into managing problems, and focus on your strengths. It’s a challenging condition, but you can minimize the effects and take charge of your life!

Download now to: 

  • View on screens

  • Print out the pages

  • Share or e-mail to clients

Included in this bundle:
  • 7 PDF files in total
  • A full adult symptom checklist
  • Guide to making your ADD life easier 
  • Welcome to ADD/ADHD letter
  • CBT basics worksheet
  • Self-care worksheet
  • Intention-setting worksheet
  • Recommended books for adult ADHD
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How Do I use Digital Pages?


Use the tip sheets and worksheets as often as you like, for yourself or your clients.


You'll get a zipped file that includes 7 PDF documents. It will be available on your screen to download instantly, plus you'll get a backup copy in your e-mail. 


Follow these steps to use your worksheets: 

1. Download the PDF files

2. Print or view on any screen

3. Share with clients and review as needed

What's covered in the kit?

You may not be able to get rid of ADHD entirely. However, you can make significant progress in areas that tend to make your life more difficult - problems like always running late, losing things, and taking on too many responsibilities. 


In this kit, you’ll learn about skills relating to: 


  • How to stop running late

  • Keeping track of your phone and essential items

  • Stepping back from too many tasks/expectations of yourself

  • Understanding your symptoms better

  • Challenging negative thoughts that affect your self-esteem

  • Making a self-care plan for going forward

This kit is ideal for therapists who work with adult ADHD, those who have just been diagnosed, or those who want to learn more about this condition and begin making changes. 


Customer Reviews:

"I recently figured out I probably have ADHD, or at least the inattentive type. I have all of the symptoms listed. I liked the tips about running late. That has plagued me since I was a teenager."

"A well-organized professional kit. I just shared it with one of my clients and she loved it."

"The ADHD sheets have good ideas and I'm using the self-care resources as well. Thank you!"