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Recognizing and Coping with Feelings

Do you have a hard time recognizing your feelings? Do your clients become overwhelmed with emotions? 


Many people struggle with understanding and/or dealing with their feelings. This emotion wheel helps you identify and cope with them.


You can get the feelings wheel and emotional support kit and download or print it right away for just $9.99. 

Download now to: 
  • View on screens
  • Print out the pages
  • Share or e-mail to clients

Feelings wheels can help you identify emotions like happiness, love, anger, disgust, and more.
Why Use an Emotions Wheel? 

You can use the feelings wheel and kit to:

  • Understand your emotions 

  • Label what you’re feeling

  • Recognize emotions in your body

  • Learn to allow your feelings

  • Remember and use coping skills when needed


This kit includes multiple versions of the emotions wheel poster (11 x 11) as well as several worksheet versions (8.5 x 11). You can use any of the files on screen or print them for yourself or your clients. 

Included in this bundle:

  • A zipped file with two PDFs

  • 4 versions of the 11 x 11 emotions wheel posters

  • Versions with instructions and without

  • 6 worksheet versions that include the feelings wheel

  • Options for your or clients to fill out the wheel or add to it

  • A focus on naming emotions as well as feeling them in the body and dealing with them

How Do I use Digital Pages?

Emotions Wheel Kit Download.png

Use the posters and worksheets as often as you like, for yourself or your clients.


You'll get a zipped file that includes 2 PDF documents including 9 pages total. It will be available on your screen to download instantly, plus you'll get a backup copy in your e-mail. 


Follow these steps to use your worksheets: 

1. Download the PDF files

2. Print or view on any screen

3. Share with clients and review as needed

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What Should we Do with the Feels? 

Emotions are a normal part of being human. Many animals have feelings as well. 


Simply labeling emotions can often make you feel better. At other times you may need to ride your emotions out, or use a coping skill to feel better. 


The emotional coping wheel includes both a list of common emotions as well as a coping section with tips. 


You can also fill out your own wheel, with feelings you typically experience. Add your own coping skills so you can look back on it when needed. 


Sections of the Feelings Wheel


This version of the emotions wheel includes three sections: 

  • Common feelings

  • Possible physical sensations of each

  • Suggested coping skills for overwhelming feelings


Check it out here!

Many feeling wheels include dozens (or 100s!) of emotions. While this can be a cool tool, I find that my clients (and I) typically experience a handful of basic emotions. These are the ones that are helpful to recognize and label. 


It’s also helpful to know what to do with emotions. Simply looking at many feelings on a list doesn’t necessarily help much. But becoming aware of them, recognizing them in your body and labeling them does. 


It is also helpful to have a coping cheat sheet to refer to when you feel stuck or overwhelmed. 


Ready to get started? People who use the feelings wheel may experience the following benefits:


  • Improved ability to recognize emotions 

  • Improved ability to label emotions 

  • Recognition of bodily sensations relating to specific emotions

  • Increased ability to remember coping skills that help with various emotions

Feelings tools help therapists and others recognize and teach about emotions.

Customer Reviews:

"Emotion wheels are great for helping clients identify what they're feeling. I like the coping version because it helps them take the next step."

"Multiple versions, easy to print and use. Two thumbs up!"

"A beautiful feelings wheel that's different than the norm. Thank you! "