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31 Fun Couples Therapy Exercises for Bonding and Communication

Updated: Feb 6

From couples journaling to therapy games to conversation starters, this list will keep couples busy with each other for months to come.

Couples games, in therapy or at home, can help improve communication and your overall relationship. In this image a couple smiles as they play a tabletop relationship game.

Couples therapy exercises, both in counseling sessions and at home, can be a great way to connect. You can work on communication skills, have fun together, and learn more about each other.

The activities can be enjoyable, such as playing therapeutic games, or informative, like talking about shared couple goals. Couples can try these activities on their own, during therapy sessions, or complete the exercises as counseling homework.

Here’s a look at several evidence-based couples therapy activities. They range from the light-hearted and entertaining, to more serious discussion prompts. Article highlights are at the top of the list, in case you’d like to skip ahead.

Article Highlights

Couple’s Pursuit Game Download

Traditional Tabletop Games

Conversation Starters

Workshops Online

Journaling for Couples

Couples Vision Boarding

Art and Crafts for Couples

Therapy Session Activities

This is an infographic of a couples therapy game focused on evidence-based techniques, along with other couples therapy activities.

Couples Games

Let’s start with games! There are a handful of therapeutic games that have been created with couples in mind. Traditional competitive and cooperative games can also help you bond and relax (or get excited if that sounds better).

In fact, researchers have actually found that the love and bonding hormone, oxytocin, increases when couples play games together (Melton, et al., 2019).

What a fun way to “work” on your relationship, right? Here are some ideas to get you or your clients on their way.

A couple's therapy game infographic that includes discussion prompts and playful activities.

Couples Pursuit

Couple’s Pursuit is a fun, printable therapy game with multiple conversation prompts and activities. Think of it as a Trivial Pursuit-inspired game for couples, crossed with Pictionary, Taboo, and 20 questions.