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Jennie Lannette (Bedsworth), MSW, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in treating anxiety and PTSD. She has 20 years of experience providing individual and group support and therapy in multiple settings, such as hospitals, community centers, and in private practice. Among other areas, she has training in the following:

+Prolonged exposure therapy (PE)

+Cognitive processing therapy (CPT)

+Trauma-focused CBT (TF-CBT)

+Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) +Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Jennie received both her undergraduate and master's degree from the University of Missouri, and is a lifelong member of the Phi Alpha Honor Society.

Before becoming a therapist Jennie was a journalist and teacher. She combines her areas of expertise to offer mental health writing, training, therapy tools, and other resources for individuals and mental health professionals.

Jennie Lannette, LCSW


Licensed Therapist, Mental Health Expert

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