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Do you feel like you could do better if you just had a few more tools in your mental health toolbox? Or do you help others who just need more support?

Many people deal with stress, anxiety, and mental health issues. They're not sure how to cope with symptoms, or how to focus on their own self-care. 

You can learn new ways of dealing with everyday stressors and triggers. Our tools and resources can help you or your clients learn new, effective skills, and put them into practice today.

It is possible to heal from symptoms and live a freer, more meaningful life. Browse our store to find the right tools to help you.

Jennie Lannette, MSW, LCSW

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I'm Jennie (she/her). Thanks for finding me! I'm a licensed therapist specializing in anxiety, PTSD, CBT, and other areas of mental health and wellness. Along with 15 + years of social service and therapy experience, I'm an expert mental health writer, and I've been quoted and published by multiple national wellness organizations.


My goal is to make mental health information more accessible, and to help make sure you have the right support to put your new skills into practice. As a therapist I can help a handful of people at a time. Through the resources I provide here, I can reach more people like you each day! 

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