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25 Best Emotions Games for Teaching Feelings and Coping Skills

Updated: Jan 30

These fun feelings games focus on teaching, understanding, and expression emotions.

Emotions games help therapy clients and students learn to identify and express their feelings. A student plays an emotions game in this image.

Ready to roll the therapy dice? How about name that feeling? If these games don’t have you laughing they might bring you to tears.

Feelings games are a great way to teach emotions in an interactive and fun way. They work with individual therapy, in groups and classrooms, and with home-schooling. Here’s a comprehensive list to get you started with teaching emotions through play.

Let the games begin!

Emotions Games Highlights


Feel, Act, & Draw

Feelings Jenga

Happy Dragon

Go Feel!

Emotions Match

CBT Island Quest

CBT Lingo

Greatest DBT Board Game

Therapy Dice

Game Bundles

This infographic shows four emotions game focused on feelings discussion prompts and fun activities to keep groups engaged.

The most important thing with emotions games is to be flexible. Let your group set the tone. Feel free to change up the game, or allow group members to play by their own rules.

If you're using games via telehealth, get creative. Nearly any game can be adapted to play through the screen. Here are some games to get you started in-person or online.


This is an infographic showing the game FEELOPOLY, which focuses on identifying and validating emotions.

Best for: Kids, Teens Works with: Individual therapy, groups, telehealth with adaptation