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11 Lively Group Therapy Activities for Bonding, Education, & Fun

Updated: Feb 6

Try these fun and effective group therapy activities for adults, teens, and kids!

Group therapy activities can keep kids, teens, and adults engaged in learning and having fun.

If you run a lot of therapy groups, you’re familiar with the pressure. What are you going to talk about today? Will everyone show up? When will you have time to write all these notes?

I empathize, and I’m here to help. Below are 11 ideas for group therapy activities that can keep your group interested, learning, and engaged. Most of them can be adapted to use with any group, with options appropriate for kids, teens, adults, and families.

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Article Highlights

  1. Feelings Games

  2. Pictionary-Like Games

  3. Therapy Bingo Games

  4. Grounding Activities

  5. Emotions wheels

  6. DBT Board Games

  7. CBT Board Games

  8. Therapy Dice

  9. Therapy Jenga

  10. Therapy card games

  11. Therapy worksheets

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1. Feelings Games

Everyone loves to talk about feelings! Well, maybe not everyone, but it’s usually a more comfortable topic for therapists and therapy groups who are familiar with the idea.

Feelings games can be a way to reinforce such a discussion, or to teach feelings to newer groups.

Feelings games can be helpful for all ages, but may work particularly well for groups working on naming feelings or regulating emotions.

FEELOPOLY is a game that’s actually somewhat anti-Monopoly. It’s a unique format that encourages cooperation and naming and validating emotions. You really have to see it to get a sense of the game. Visit here to check it out.