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35 Top Social Emotional Learning Activities for Counselors and Teachers

Find the SEL activities best for your students, groups, and classrooms.

Mentor, parental figure, friend, organizer, volunteer, therapist ... what are teachers not expected to be!? No one can do it all, and especially not alone. Learning social emotional skills is an important part of growing up, but teaching it within a sea of other subjects and duties can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are many fun social and emotional learning activities that can help. These tools aren't just like any other game that encourages cooperation--they have social emotional skills lessons built right in. Here are some SEL games and other activities to check out. Most of these are in PDF format so you can download them anytime.

SEL Activity Highlights


FEELOPOLY for Zoom & Large Classrooms

Feelings Jenga

Feel, Act, & Draw

Happy Dragon

Go Feel!

Emotions Match

Feelings Cards

Coping Skills Cards for Kids

Anger Management Worksheets

Printable Therapy Dice

CBT Triangle Worksheet

CBT Island Quest

Greatest DBT Board Game

CBT Lingo

SEL Activities Bundles


This is an infographic showing the SEL game FEELOPOLY, based on understanding and teaching social emotional concepts.

FEELOPOLY is a popular cooperative game among kids and therapists, and works great for one-on-one and small group setting. It's focused on naming feelings, discussing emotions, and learning to show empathy for yourself and others.

It covers self-awareness, social awareness, and other areas recommended by CASEL. Activities in the game include:

  • Labeling emotions

  • Recognizing feelings in the body (ie, feeling shaky when you're nervous)

  • Validating and accepting emotions in yourself and others