30 Unique Gifts for Mental Health Your Loved One Won't Forget | 2021

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Give the gift of comfort with these items that promote mental wellness and self-care.

Mental health gifts focus on wellness, self-care, and taking breaks when life gets tough.

Matching the right gift with the right recipient can show you "get" the person you care about. This feeling of seeing and being seen is one reason many people are drawn to sharing gifts.

A present isn't likely to make or break a relationship, especially in the long run. But if you enjoy the process, and especially if your loved one does, it can be a meaningful gesture.

Focusing your gift on mental health and self-care can also send a particular message. It might say that you recognize the person is struggling, or simply that you believe they should take time for themselves.

These presents, great for holidays, birthdays, or just because, acknowledge that life gets difficult.

Each of them focus on mental health and wellness. They are curated by a therapist (me!) and encourage activities like mindfulness, relaxation, and self-soothing.

Of course these don’t replace professional treatment, but all of them are consistent with common practices recommended to help with anxiety, depression, or overall stress.

You might even find these items are a good fit for your own self-care.

If you're on a budget, or don't believe in spending your savings on gifts, not to worry! There are some affordable options below as well as more premium gifts.

Remember that an experience can be a wellness gift as well--making your own gift, taking your friend to their favorite park, or offering childcare for a day can be just as, if not more, memorable.

If you're going the traditional route of shopping, we've got you covered below. Feel free to review all options to find the right fit, or skip ahead to the category that matches you and your loved ones best.

Special note: Some of these products include affiliate links. This means The Counseling Palette may earn a small commission if you purchase the item through our link. This will be at no cost to you, and helps us offer more free content through the site. We appreciate your support!

Gift Highlights (See Details Below!)

Lavender Oils & Blends

Grounding Stones & Gems

Mindfulness in Action Wellness Boxes

High-Tech Gifts

Breathing Tools

Comfort Items

Instant Digital Gifts

Inspirational Books


Lavender Oils & Blends

The essential oil lavender is one of the most researched natural health products. Many major studies looking at oils for anxiety, calming, sleep, or stress use lavender or a blend with it included. Here are some options to get you started.

Spark Naturals - $

This company focuses on oil purity, and offers specific oils as well as blends, such as those focused on specific issues like anxiety. Visit to learn more about each blend.

Green Canyon Spa Lavender Set - $

This fun gift set from Green Canyon Spa includes multiple lavender products, including show gel, lotions, essential oils, creams, and more.

Diffuser & Oil Set - $$

Diffusers come in many attractive shapes and colors. This kit from Pure Daily Care also comes with multiple oil blends including lavender.

Grounding Stones & Gems

Grounding stones and gems are growing in popularity. I often use them in my therapy practice, and walk clients through using stones to manage anxiety.

Simply put, you can simply hold any stone in your hand and notice how it feels and looks. This helps teach mindfulness, promotes relaxation, and calms the nervous system.

Many people also find spiritual meaning in particular gems and stones. Check out these gifts that keep this in mind!

Crystal Angels from Zen Jewels - $

These crystal angels are on of the most popular gifts at Zen Jewelz which focuses on spiritual items and self-care.

These amazonite crystal angels are a unique gift, and may be ideal for those who are spiritual in nature. Zen Jewelz is a unique store in and of itself that offers many types of palm stones, jewelry, and crystals.

Their products tend to sell out, so order soon, or pick a different stone product. Visit here and use code FREEGIFT26 to get a special treat when you order!

Inspiration Stones - $

These items make great grounding stones, or can simply be displayed with their inspirational messages. These are also called calming rocks, or worry stones. They can be a great way to stay in the moment while reminding oneself of goals and dreams.

Rockland Natural Crystals - $

This treasure trove of natural crystals comes in a handy bundle. You can choose from multiple colors and types of stones, including rose quarts, labradorite, jasper, sodalite, and more.

Any of these can be used to practice mindfulness. You can choose from quite a variety for those who attach personal or spiritual meaning to types of crystals.

Mindfulness in Action Tools

Often we learn great skills in therapy or through self-help materials, but we have trouble putting them into practice. Sometimes practical, visual tools can help us be mindful in everyday life. These products, designed a therapist (who happens to be me!) will help your loved one remember to practice self-care every day.

Affirmation Candles - $

Affirmation gifts like the "Pause" candle can help remind loved ones to take a moment and simply be present.

These candles, available in multiple fragrances and messages, bring healthy skills to mind. They can offer a tool for meditation itself, or simply offer a decoration that promotes mindfulness day to day. Browse options here.

Inspiration Notebooks - $

Ready to encourage someone to move forward, or looking to provide an inspirational present? This journal reminds your friend they can be and do anything they want.

These journals (blank inside with lined pages) offer an inspirational message, like "Paint the Life You Imagine," to help promote journaling and positive thinking. The journal itself looks like a piece of art, and may make a great gift for those who like to write by hand. View options here.

Mindful Prints - $

A great present can be one of presence. This canvas with the phrase "breathe in, breathe out," focuses on staying in the moment.

The fun and positive canvas prints (8 x 10s) can help remind us of important, basic skills like mindful breathing. This basic technique of noticing the breath is used in nearly every type of mental health therapy. Check out these therapist-designed tools.

Wellness Boxes

Getting a box of goodies can give a particular kind of thrill. It’s a bit of a treasure hunt -- what will it be? One-time or subscription care boxes provide this type of fun. It can be a good distraction from stress, or may include wellness-themed items focused on self-care. Here are a few ideas for inspiration!

Cratejoy Boxes & Subscriptions - $$

Cratejoy is a marketplace where multiple people provide themed subscription boxes. These might include crafts, a food selection, relaxation tools and more. If you want your loved one to focus on self-care throughout the year, this can be a great choice. Or, give your future self a 12-month gift!

Adults & Crafts Subscription - $$

Many adults avoid arts and crafts because they feel overwhelmed, or feel they’re not “artistic.” However, this Adults & Crafts box may offer a way to blow off steam while building some self-confidence. This subscription box includes all you need to complete a specific craft each month.

Therabox Subscription or Sampler - $$

This subscription service is one of the most popular boxes available, especially in mental health and wellness. It offers positive products, focused on leaving you energized and uplifted. Think bath products and positive journals. You can purchase this as a subscription or one-time gift.

High Tech Wellness

As we get back to nature with our wellness, there are also high tech items for those in your life who enjoy digital tools. These gifts are on the higher end, and aim to bring big results. They’re a good match for those who already enjoy apps or other digital life enhancers.

The Muse - $$$

Mental health gifts like the Muse can help promote mindfulness.

The Muse headband is a sensory device that helps you meditate. It gathers sensory feedback and lets you know how your body and brain are responding during your meditation sessions. Muse also has devices for monitoring and enhancing sleep.

Loftie Alarm & Sleep Tool - $$$