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29 Unique Gifts for Mental Health Your Loved One Won't Forget | 2022

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Give the gift of comfort with these items that promote mental wellness and self-care.

Mental health gifts focus on wellness, self-care, and taking breaks when life gets tough.

Matching the right gift with the right recipient can show you "get" the person you care about. This feeling of seeing and being seen is one reason many people are drawn to sharing gifts.

A present isn't likely to make or break a relationship, especially in the long run. But if you enjoy the process, and especially if your loved one does, it can be a meaningful gesture.

Focusing your gift on mental health and self-care can send a particular message. It might say that you recognize the person is struggling, or simply that you believe they should take time for themselves.

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DIY Mental Health Gifts

Peer Support

Breathing Tools

Lavender Oils & Blends

Grounding Stones & Gems

Mindfulness in Action Wellness Boxes

High-Tech Gifts

Comfort Items

Instant Digital Gifts

Inspirational Books


Printable self-care stickers make an awesome mental health gift!

Choosing a Gift

These mental health presents, great for holidays, birthdays, or just because, acknowledge that life gets difficult.

Each of them focus on mental health and wellness. They are curated by a therapist and encourage activities like mindfulness, relaxation, and self-soothing.

Of course these don’t replace professional treatment, but all of them are consistent with common practices recommended to help with anxiety, depression, or overall stress.

You might even find these items are a good fit for your own self-care.

If you're on a budget, or don't believe in spending your savings on gifts, not to worry! There are some affordable options below as well as more premium gifts.

Remember that an experience can be a wellness gift as well--making your own gift, taking your friend to their favorite park, or offering childcare for a day can be just as, if not more, memorable.

If you're going the traditional route of shopping, we've got you covered below. Feel free to review all options to find the right fit, or skip ahead to the category that matches you and your loved ones best.

Special note: Some of these products include affiliate links. This means The Counseling Palette may earn a small commission if you purchase the item through our link. This will be at no cost to you, and helps us offer more free content through the site. We appreciate your support!

DIY Gifts & Mental Health Downloads

Looking for that personal touch? Try these downloadable kits that your or your loved one can put together and use right away.

Self-Care Journal Kit

The Self-Care Journal kit is a great gift for mental health. The images included multiple pages from the self-care journal included.

Check out this unique self-care journal download. It includes printables of a self-care journal, along with motivational stickers and positive coloring sheets. Print them out and include in a gift basket with other goodies like slippers or lotions. Or, if you loved one is far away it's a caring but convenient e-gift!

Date Night Couples Pursuit

Couples games are a good mental health gift for couples or for your significant other.

Looking for something to shake up date night? The Couple's Pursuit downloadable game includes fun and meaningful prompts. You and your significant other can move around the game board as you complete drawing, guessing, and discussion categories.

The game is based on couples therapy activities and recommendations. Pint and assemble the game ahead of time, or make it a fun holiday couples activity. Learn more about it here.

Grounding Stones Activity Set