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29 Unique Gifts for Mental Health Your Loved One Won't Forget | 2022

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Give the gift of comfort with these items that promote mental wellness and self-care.

Mental health gifts focus on wellness, self-care, and taking breaks when life gets tough.

Matching the right gift with the right recipient can show you "get" the person you care about. This feeling of seeing and being seen is one reason many people are drawn to sharing gifts.

A present isn't likely to make or break a relationship, especially in the long run. But if you enjoy the process, and especially if your loved one does, it can be a meaningful gesture.

Focusing your gift on mental health and self-care can send a particular message. It might say that you recognize the person is struggling, or simply that you believe they should take time for themselves.

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DIY Mental Health Gifts

Breathing Tools

Lavender Oils & Blends

Grounding Stones & Gems

Mindfulness in Action Wellness Boxes

High-Tech Gifts

Comfort Items

Instant Digital Gifts

Inspirational Books


Printable self-care stickers make an awesome mental health gift!

Choosing a Gift

These mental health presents, great for holidays, birthdays, or just because, acknowledge that life gets difficult.

Each of them focus on mental health and wellness. They are curated by a therapist and encourage activities like mindfulness, relaxation, and self-soothing.

Of course these don’t replace professional treatment, but all of them are consistent with common practices recommended to help with anxiety, depression, or overall stress.

You might even find these items are a good fit for your own self-care.

If you're on a budget, or don't believe in spending your savings on gifts, not to worry! There are some affordable options below as well as more premium gifts.

Remember that an experience can be a wellness gift as well--making your own gift, taking your friend to their favorite park, or offering childcare for a day can be just as, if not more, memorable.

If you're going the traditional route of shopping, we've got you covered below. Feel free to review all options to find the right fit, or skip ahead to the category that matches you and your loved ones best.

Special note: Some of these products include affiliate links. This means The Counseling Palette may earn a small commission if you purchase the item through our link. This will be at no cost to you, and helps us offer more free content through the site. We appreciate your support!

DIY Gifts & Mental Health Downloads

Looking for that personal touch? Try these downloadable kits that your or your loved one can put together and use right away.

Self-Care Journal Kit

The Self-Care Journal kit is a great gift for mental health. The images included multiple pages from the self-care journal included.

Check out this unique self-care journal download. It includes printables of a self-care journal, along with motivational stickers and positive coloring sheets. Print them out and include in a gift basket with other goodies like slippers or lotions. Or, if you loved one is far away it's a caring but convenient e-gift!

Date Night Couples Pursuit

Couples games are a good mental health gift for couples or for your significant other.

Looking for something to shake up date night? The Couple's Pursuit downloadable game includes fun and meaningful prompts. You and your significant other can move around the game board as you complete drawing, guessing, and discussion categories.

The game is based on couples therapy activities and recommendations. Pint and assemble the game ahead of time, or make it a fun holiday couples activity. Learn more about it here.

Grounding Stones Activity Set

Grounding stones make a great DIY or bulk mental health gift.

Grounding stones are an effective, soothing mental health tool. You can make stones for your loved one, or make it an activity they can do (or one you do together). This is also a great idea if you're giving away multiple gifts to co-workers or family.

For more on what grounding stones are, check out this article. Or skip ahead and get a downloadable kit you can use for yourself or for a group.

Grounding stones make an excellent mental health gift. This kit includes instructions on how to use them.

Emotions Cards and Feelings Games

Do you have a child, parent, teacher, or therapist friend or colleague in your life? These new emotions cards are pretty cool. The artwork includes fun dragons and unicorns. There are also fun games included based on Go Fish and the match game.

Visit here to learn more about the games and download them today! You can send digital treat to your friend via the gift card. Or print and assemble them for a DIY gift.

Peer Support

Does your loved (or you for that matter) just need a bit more support now and then? The program ShareWell offers unique peer-based groups that can help with loneliness, depression, and overall wellness. You can actually gift a year's membership. Visit ShareWell here to learn more.

Breathing Tools

These tools encourage one of the most helpful techniques in mental health -- the slow, deep breath. You certainly don’t need special tools for this, but they might help. They promote the act of taking a deep breathe in (up to 15 seconds or so, as your lungs allow), and a very, very slow breathe out (think 30 seconds or more).

These range from high-end products with expensive materials, to simple, short, bamboo straws. Here are some examples.

The Flō Necklace - $$

The Flō is one of the fancier breathing tubes, which can also work as a calming touchstone or a piece of jewelry. Again, no one needs a fancy tool to breathe, but it may make it more fun, and remind people to do it more often.

INSYOHO Necklace - $$

This device is similar to Flo, and comes in multiple colors. These tools can also be used as a mindfulness practice on their own. Practice holding the tube while you notice your physical sensations.

Bamboo Breathing Straws - $

Perhaps you’re looking for an affordable item you can buy in bulk to promote mental health? These bamboo straws may do the trick. Teach mindful breathing techniques with this tangible item.

Lavender Oils & Blends

The essential oil lavender is one of the most researched natural health products. Many major studies looking at oils for anxiety, calming, sleep, or stress use lavender or a blend with it included. Here are some options to get you started.

Spark Naturals - $

This company focuses on oil purity, and offers specific oils as well as blends, such as those focused on specific issues like anxiety. Visit to learn more about each blend.

Green Canyon Spa Lavender Set - $

This fun gift set from Green Canyon Spa includes multiple lavender products, including show gel, lotions, essential oils, creams, and more.

Diffuser & Oil Set - $$

Diffusers come in many attractive shapes and colors. This kit from Pure Daily Care also comes with multiple oil blends including lavender.

Stones & Gems

Many people also find spiritual meaning in particular gems and stones. Check out these gifts that keep this in mind!

Crystal Angels from Zen Jewels - $

These crystal angels are on of the most popular gifts at Zen Jewelz which focuses on spiritual items and self-care.

These amazonite crystal angels are a unique gift, and may be ideal for those who are spiritual in nature. Zen Jewelz is a unique store in and of itself that offers many types of palm stones, jewelry, and crystals.

Their products tend to sell out, so order soon, or pick a different stone product. Visit here and use code FREEGIFT26 to get a special treat when you order!

Inspiration Stones - $

These items make great grounding stones, or can simply be displayed with their inspirational messages. These are also called calming rocks, or worry stones. They can be a great way to stay in the moment while reminding oneself of goals and dreams.

Rockland Natural Crystals - $

This treasure trove of natural crystals comes in a handy bundle. You can choose from multiple colors and types of stones, including rose quarts, labradorite, jasper, sodalite, and more.

Any of these can be used to practice mindfulness. You can choose from quite a variety for those who attach personal or spiritual meaning to types of crystals.

Wellness Boxes

Getting a box of goodies can give a particular kind of thrill. It’s a bit of a treasure hunt -- what will it be? One-time or subscription care boxes provide this type of fun. It can be a good distraction from stress, or may include wellness-themed items focused on self-care. Here are a few ideas for inspiration!

Cratejoy Boxes & Subscriptions - $$

Cratejoy is a marketplace where multiple people provide themed subscription boxes. These might include crafts, a food selection, relaxation tools and more. If you want your loved one to focus on self-care throughout the year, this can be a great choice. Or, give your future self a 12-month gift!

Adults & Crafts Subscription - $$

Many adults avoid arts and crafts because they feel overwhelmed, or feel they’re not “artistic.” However, this Adults & Crafts box may offer a way to blow off steam while building some self-confidence. This subscription box includes all you need to complete a specific craft each month.

Therabox Subscription or Sampler - $$

This subscription service is one of the most popular boxes available, especially in mental health and wellness. It offers positive products, focused on leaving you energized and uplifted. Think bath products and positive journals. You can purchase this as a subscription or one-time gift.

High Tech Wellness

As we get back to nature with our wellness, there are also high tech items for those in your life who enjoy digital tools. These gifts are on the higher end, and aim to bring big results. They’re a good match for those who already enjoy apps or other digital life enhancers.

The Muse - $$$

Mental health gifts like the Muse can help promote mindfulness.

The Muse headband is a sensory device that helps you meditate. It gathers sensory feedback and lets you know how your body and brain are responding during your meditation sessions. Muse also has devices for monitoring and enhancing sleep.

Loftie Alarm & Sleep Tool - $$$

You might think of Loftie as a sleep app that lives outside your phone. The company’s goal is to give you the tools to rest and wake up, without snuggling up to your device at nighttime. It includes mindfulness activities, nighttime stories, white noise, and works as a bluetooth speaker.

Massage Guns - $$$

Ahhhhh. Massage tools and related devices bring the spa to your home. These are among the most popular items of all time on Amazon. If your loved one has particular issues with pain or stress, this can be a great high-end gift. Many come with multiple specialized attachments.

Comfort Items

These items feel like getting a hug, and may help enhance feel-good chemicals like oxytocin. They can be helpful for anyone who needs a bit more touch and connection, or who finds comfort through weight, touch, and textures.

Gravity Blanket - $$$

Weighted blankets, or gravity blankets, are meant to offer the sensation of being held or touched. For some people they can bring a sense of security. This high-end blanket is among the most popular, and there are various other brands and versions available on Amazon.

Warmies - $

Are these warmies painfully cute or what? They come as multiple animals, are weighted, and scented with lavender. You can warm them in the microwave for a nearly alive cuddly friend (or in the case of these sloths, two).

Massage Chairs - $$$$

Looking to go all out this year for a cherished family member, or finally for yourself? It doesn’t get much better than a daily full-body massage. These top-reviewed chairs can work as a recliner or your personal masseuse.

Instant Digital Gifts

Amazon Gift Card

Inspirational Books

These books focus on overall wellness, self-development, and/or specific mental health issues. You can choose a book that fits wherever your loved on currently is in life.

You are a Badass Series by Jen Sincero - $

This is one of my favorite books. You are a Badass is a great option for someone who enjoys self-development, or who has dreams but struggles with execution. Jen Sincero is a master at motivation.

You can purchase this book via Kindle or Amazon, as an audiobook, or pick it up at Bookshop, an alternative site that supports local bookstores. It's also available as a motivational calendar (pictured), and has three other books in the series.

and my ebook Finding Peace from PTSD, also available on Amazon. It debuted as the #1 New Release in CBT.

The Lotus and the Lily - $

Janet Conner is better known for her book Writing Down Your Soul, but this gem is a great find for someone who enjoys self-help with a spiritual bent. The Lotus and the Lily is full of prompts and activities for self-reflection and development. Get it here on Amazon or purchase it on Bookshop (an alternative store that gives some proceeds to local bookstores).


Changing lighting can certainly have a psychological effect. Our environment contributes to mood, energy, and can help with anxiety and depression. In some cases, lighting may even have a biological effect. Learn more with these gift ideas.

Light Therapy Lamp - $$$

Those with seasonal depression and other mood troubles may benefit from light therapy. These lamps add a bright substitute for short days and dark nights. If you've never seen one, prepare yourself for a pure beam of whiteness.

Salt Lamps - $

The popular items create a soothing atmosphere. Some believe the pink Himalayan salt the lamps are made out of also purify the air, although more evidence is needed to confirm this. Either way, they certainly help add to a calm environment. I had one just like this in my therapy office for years.

String Lights - $

Can anything change a room more than fairy lights? These aren't just for holidays or special events. They can create a soothing setting for relaxing or transitioning to sleep. These colorful ones are available here on Amazon.

These items can’t replace all around self-care, or treatment for serious mental health conditions. However, they can promote many of the practices that are consistent with it, like relaxation, deep breathing, and prioritizing yourself.

Give someone the gift of wellness, or consider one of these self-care tools for yourself.

Infographic of mental health worksheets, games, and activities.

Jennie Lannette, LCSW, is a licensed, practicing therapist in Missouri, specializing in trauma, anxiety, and related mental health issues. She writes for numerous national mental health sites and publications, and recently published the book Finding Peace from PTSD, available on Amazon.


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