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Hello, I'm glad you're here. I own The Counseling Palette, and my life purpose is to help people in and near Columbia, Mo. and beyond find relief from severe anxiety, trauma, panic, phobias and post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Sometimes that means providing you with information about healing through articles, interviews and blogs. It could mean that we share a short call to discuss your options. Sometimes we're meant to work together in counseling to help you find full relief and healing.


Most people who talk to me say I seem both knowledgeable and laid back over the phone and in our first consultation. They also notice my passion for helping people find the right counseling or alternative options for them. People who work with me in counseling for several weeks on PTSD, severe anxiety, or similar issues find that most of their day to day symptoms disappear. This isn't because my counseling is magic, but it is because I've found and stuck to the best treatments that work the fastest for the most people. Together, we'll use therapies proven to work. You will have tools to use after the very first session. You will most likely find most or all of your severe anxiety and PTSD symptoms are gone within a few months, if not sooner. If this speaks to you, keep reading to learn more, or go ahead and call or e-mail. If I don't hear from you, I'm still glad you found this site and I send you the best intentions on your healing journey. You've already begun!


- Jennie  (Therapist/Owner at The Counseling Palette)

Counseling for Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD | Columbia, Missouri | Jennie Lannette Bedsworth, LCSW
Counseling in Columbia, Mo., for Severe Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, and Related Issues 

At The Counseling Palette, I provide counseling for  adults, teens and pre-teens who are struggling with high anxiety, trauma, and/or post-traumatic stress. Through focused counseling, I help people overcome symptoms like anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares and flashbacks within a matter of weeks (not years). 


Types of Treatment
and Therapies I offer: 

-Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

-Prolonged Exposure Therapy

-Cognitive Processing Therapy

-Gradual Exposure Therapy

All of these therapies are highly researched and found to be very effective for most people. I've been fortunate to have a very high success rate with clients who complete these therapies, with most of my clients reporting significantly lower anxiety symptoms, often no longer meeting criteria for anxiety disorders or PTSD (post-traumatic stress) after just a few months or less. 

Would you like to move forward with tools that help and heal? I (Jennie) am passionate about helping people overcome problems like severe anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD. Call or text to 573/291-7315, or e-mail

Cost of Counseling

Full-fee sessions are generally $100. Here's a page all about cost. I'm unable to take insurance directly, but I can work with your out-of-network benefits and accept health savings accounts. Many of my clients find they still save money in the long-run going out of network for counseling, because the therapies I use work much more quickly than traditional non-specialized therapies like those found at other counseling centers in or near Columbia, Mo.  For more information e-mail

Convenient Location
in Downtown Columbia, Mo.
or Online


1005 Cherry St,, across from Ragtag

For clients who want to meet in Columbia, I offer counseling in a private location, by appointment, at 1005 Cherry St, in downtown, with free parking at the building.  Come enjoy a cup of tea or water, and see how I can help. Many of the patrons of our building, called the Stephens Building, enjoy the convenience of Uprise Bakery and Ragtag next door! This is in walking distance for students, staff, and faculty at Mizzou, Columbia College, and Stephens College.  

Private Telehealth Video-
Skype-Like Format

Even if you're not near me in Columbia, Mo., you can still meet with me for counseling from anywhere in Missouri. I use an easy online program that lets us talk by video through a private, HIPPA-compliant platform. You can even come early and hangout in my virtual waiting room! Therapy by video can seem strange at first, but most people report that once we get going they forget we’re online.

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Positive Psychology Counseling and Coaching Packages 


Sometimes we get so focused on what's wrong, that we forget about what's right! Would you like to focus on your strengths, goals, and life purpose? Jennie offers specific services in this area, to help you be your best self. This can incorporate learning, developing insight, and creative expression like journaling, art and music (as you wish).


Play, Create, Move, Express with The Counseling Palette


The most recent evidence in trauma treatment includes research on the importance of customized counseling approaches. While there are therapies shown to work for most people, there is no one size fits all treatment for anxiety, PTSD, trauma, or social phobia. That's why I sometimes integrate supplemental methods with counseling such as creative expression (art, creativity, writing, music) and Interplay (expression through movement and other forms) as well as other alternative approaches you may need to heal. 

Should We Talk or Text? 

If this seems like it may be a good fit, here's what's next. I offer a free initial phone consultation as well as a free 30-minute in-person or video meeting for us to get to know each other. We can discuss your counseling or consultation needs, location and scheduling options, and what works best for you. You'll find I'm happy to offer information even if you don't end up coming to see me. 
Call or text 573/291-7315 or

Counseling Consultation

If you're a counselor, organization, business owner or individual interested in learning more about trauma, self-care, compassion fatigue, resiliency or post traumatic growth, I can also help you with these areas. I've presented for groups, hospitals, and mental health organizations throughout the region. I'd love to help you helps others - basic consultations over the phone are free! Just call or email me at The Counseling Palette. 

For more information, call
Jennie at 573/291-7315, or e-mail


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